Future Monsters Saves the World





Future Monsters is going green! For those of you Monsters that don't know, all our shirts are hand pressed, via screen print, using eco-friendly inks & materials. Well boils & ghouls, we're taking it a step further & cutting out single-use plastics from our recipe. That's right, from now on we're shipping all our t-shirts & orders inside 100% cotton draw string bags. It's our hopes that our customers will feel encouraged to use these for day-to-day activities such as shopping, traveling, & any other uses you can think of. For those who want more room, we also sell 100% cotton tote bags as well. 

We're so committed to the planet & to our greater goals that we're putting our money where our mouths are. Although these tote bags will result in a profit loss, we feel our integrity will be earned. If we can't attempt to change the world, or at least impact it in a positive way, then why even run a company at all? Currently there's an estimated 8 tons of plastic in our oceans. That seems as good a reason as any to mobilize & get into the fight. Hopefully you'll use these bags yourself to inspire & educate others on the crisis facing our beautiful oceans, ecosystems, & animals.


In closing, Future Monsters is much more than an apparel company, we're a lifestyle brand. Our commitment is to not only our customers, but to our communities & planet. We sincerely wish to impact how customers shop & support businesses. Your hard-earned dollars are the most important tool in keeping businesses committed to you & to greater causes. Let's change not only how our goods are sourced & crafted, but how our providers think. May we all move forward more open-minded, ethically focused, & aware of how we impact our environments. 


I look forward to more challenges & opportunities in the years to come. This is only the beginning of several plans to promote change & positivity. Thank you for your time & support. 

We're All Future Monsters.

Owner, Future Monsters