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Too High To Die

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Natural Ringer
Stars Raglan

You can't kill what's already dead! This 70's inspired shirt takes a page out of Evel Knievel's playbook featuring Frankenstein in full stunt biker mode.  Available in 3 groovy options: stars raglan, ringer, or natural shirts. No mater what style, this 3 color, hand pressed design is top quality. 

Our shirts are soft, lightweight, & true to size for a vintage fit. They are not pre-shrunk, so they will shrink when you wash them. 

*Unisex Shirt. Consult size guide, women may want to size down. For raglans you may want to go up one size.

Size chart. 

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Unisex/ Men's T-Shirt

Women's T-shirt

Unisex Stars Raglan (Too High to Die)

Unisex V-Neck Ringer w/ Striped Sleeve

Unisex/ Men's Ringer Tee 


Women's Ringer Tee


Unisex Future Monsters Jersey

Monster Deal